Pay-Per-Click Advertiser Market Share Report

We can provide the information and experience to make your Pay-Per-Click advertising more effective than ever before.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget on Pay-Per-Click Advertising That Isn't Working

Pay Per Click advertising on Google is the fastest and most direct way to get the best visitors to your website. Putting your message in front of prospects, at the exact time they are searching for what you offer, can give your business the spotlight.

It's this timing and intent that can help turn each click into dollars as consumers are likely to buy your products or use your services if your web marketing strategy makes it easy and correct for them to choose you.

There are challenges with PPC advertising that can eat your budget, though.

  • Many Google ads are not very good, so businesses overpay to get results. That bids up the price for you.
  • Businesses and many marketing companies don't do the research to know which keywords bring results instead of just increased traffic. Businesses need conversion to be successful.
  • Visibility into competitors Google ad strategies has been difficult or impossible.

Market Intelligence Reporting Is Essential


DMV Thrives is a PPC advertising company using Google Ads management services combined with the experience of millions of dollars of advertising spend and analysis.

Our Data Scientist can help tune your keywords to be more relevant to your products or services and the intent of a searcher to purchase your product or service.

Knowing how to best use PPC advertising services and AdWords services can make or break your business in an increasingly competitive web marketing universe.

Continuous monitoring of your PPC advertising allows you to optimize your marketing dollars, so your money spent is made efficiently with profitability the goal.

Your Secret Weapon To Win Your Market

Our PPC Lab Marketshare Report Will Give You the Answers You Need

Advertisers struggle to get performance because they only have control over three aspects of their advertising, the Content of the their Ad, The Audience they are Targeting and the Bid, or amount they are willing to spend to get someone to click and visit their website.

Ad Content

Audience Targeting

Bid Per Click

Your PPCLab Subscription Delivers Monthly Reports Showing

Advertiser Market Share of Advertisements Shown on Google Searches to See Where You Rank

Targeting by Location and Time of Day Showing Which Competitors Run When so You Can Target Open Windows

See How Many Competitors Bid on Your Keywords, so You Can Lower Your Bid for High Converting Keywords

See Your Competitor's Exact Ads as They Appear on Google, so You Can Compare and Improve

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